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Pay. Play. Do It Your Way.

A truly contactless solution for today’s digital world.

Meet Your New Favorite Accessory

The SQ1 Flex Band is the perfect solution for your fashion and finance needs! This waterproof, hypoallergenic silicone band is lightweight but tough enough to endure the rigors of everyday life.

That means it’s ready to go when you need to make safe, contactless payments. Send money to friends, manage the kids’ allowances, donate your change to charity—all over a secure network with instant availability to your funds the moment you activate it.

And the Flex Band is a friend to the environment: non-toxic with eco-friendly certifications and 100% recyclable.


Intuitive All-in-One App

Our SQ1 Flex mobile app makes it easy to manage all activities for your Flex Band wherever you are. Activate your band, load funds to your account, transfer money, monitor transactions and rewards, manage security settings and more, all at your


Flexible Fun for Everyone

Safe, secure, and Reliable for Your Piece of Mind

Share the spending

with up to 5 companion bands or cards for family.

Transfer money

to friends quickly and securely.

Earn points

with each transaction to redeem for rewards.

Contribute your change

with tax-deductible charity donations or additions to your savings account.

Access secured areas

with a wave of your wrist—no physical contact needed.

Shop now

for the ultimate university, sports or classic band that suits your style.

Fund your account

with direct deposit, ACH, credit or debit card.

Pay anywhere

Visa or Mastercard are accepted,worldwide, in store or online.

Get cash

Get cashfrom contactless ATMS using your PIN.

Enjoy immediate access

to your money—no wait once you activate!

Use our app

to activate your band and manage account activity.

Avoid charging hassles

no battery to replace or recharge.

SQ1 Flex Band

Do Something Paw-sitive

With the SQ1 Flex Band you can aid furry friends in need! Pit Road Pals helps at-risk pets find forever homes. For each band bought with the Pit Road Pals logo, we’ll donate $1 to their charity. And 5% of the transactions made with your Pit Road Pals band will also be donated to their cause.
Keep checking back for new charity partnerships!   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SQ1 Flex Band and how does it work?
  1. A completely passive (no battery power) device.
  2. Provides an FDIC insured bank account to the user.
  3. Acts as an identity firewall securing your bank account and credit from overdraft and fraud.
  4. No credit check required, no minimum balances, or interest charges that accompany a credit card.
How secure is my band?
The SQ1 Flex Band uses state-of-the-art encryption in an embedded secure element
(eSE), proprietary OS, certified payment applets, and EMVCO certification, ensuring
safe transactions globally. You can suspend, re-activate, and manage your account
with a combination of our mobile app biometric authentication and PIN management
Why do I need to download an app?
You’ll use the app to activate your band for use as well as monitor and manage your
account activities.
Is there a limit to the funds I can load to my account?
There’s a $5,000 maximum balance allowance at any given time, with a $2,500
transaction limit. You can load up to $2,500 per day to your account.
What kind of fees do I pay?
  • Loading funds: $0 ACH and direct deposit, $1 debit/credit card
  • Purchases/Transactions: $0 domestic, 3% surcharge international
  • ATM withdrawal: $2.50
  • Monthly maintenance: $4.95 ($0 if you spend over $500 per month)
Can I use my band to get cash?
Yes! Use it at contactless ATMs with your PIN to withdraw funds from your SQ1
Where can I buy a band?
Buy your band right here in our store, using credit, debit, or PayPal. Please note we’re
currently only fulfilling orders for residents of the 50 U.S. states.
When will I get my band?
Normal shipping time is 5-7 business days, but expedited shipping options are also
Where can I use my band?
Anywhere in the world Visa and Mastercard contactless payments are accepted.
What happens if I lose my band?
Log into the app to suspend your account. Any new transactions will be declined. If
you find your band or replace it, simply use the app to re-activate your account
What if I need to return my band?
You can return your unused band in its sealed, original packaging within 15 days for a
refund. Please include your order number. Used bands will not be accepted for return.
Note that you are responsible for return shipping costs.

We’d Love to Hear from You

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Band? Please get in touch:

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